Stood In Fire

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As far as execution goes, definitely a “first” kill. Simple, fun fight.

Twins set afire

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  • t16_twins_killshot
    Twins set afire Twins set afire

    Twins set afire

So we finally decided it was time stop fooling and kill some bosses. Brackenspore will be a welcome change.

Garrosh Kill Video

No time for fancy editing, but thought I’d get a video up before Warlords.

Mists cleared, months of tomfoolery ensues

I want to thank everyone for their efforts this tier, and indeed this expansion. The death of the warchief not only marks the end of Mists, but continues a 4-years tradition of progressive improvements. We are already well in the top-100 bracket for 2/week guilds, and are now closing in on the world 1000 milestone. Not bad for a group of grumpy old farts with too little spare time…

Speaking of spare time, the death of Garrosh also means we’ll have to think of something to do until Warlords. I am of course talking about drunken raids, twink bgs, DPS padding runs and all other manner of foolish stuff. I welcome it. We deserve it.